$20 an hour for homework/test completion and to also tutor over Skype screen sharing.

Email me andrew@msolved.com to set something up.

What is this Website all About? You want me to help you, but want to know a little about me.

I've set some goals with this channel, I recently made the decision to go through all levels from Trigonometry through Calculus, then to Differential Equations. I also have planned to hit Linear Algebra, Probability, and Statistics (similar to probability). Oh, and Physics and Chemistry.

Bold claim? Sure, but I've already paid over $1500 to someone on Upwork to parse all the problems from certain textbooks and I work through all of them online. Crazy but I benefit and other people benefit from watching them as well.

I'd like to complete over 50,000 problems over the next 2 years (though I have around 80,000 some aren't worth doing) and eventually have those problems net me over 100 million views. Big Goals, I'm nearly 3% there at this post :) 2.95 million.

A lot of people hate math, it's a useful tool though and will become more apparent as you apply it to solving tough problems. My goal was to get a solid grasp on everything that is applied, practical. While I do have an appreciation for the abstract and proofs there are people that have a much better time at it than I do.

Finally, don't wait, if you need my help I'm sure I can be of assistance of you. That actually is me in the video and the person you will be working with. Send me a Text or Call.

Milestones From the YouTube Channel I run: YouTube Channel Link

Making and uploading videos are what move the meter and I'm starting to do that again. People come to the channel out of need more than anything else.

Daily Milestones:

  • 12/2/14 - 2025 daily views
  • 12/3/15 - 3015 daily views
  • 9/27/16 - 4027 daily views
  • 11/16/16 - 5101 daily views
  • 3/15/17 - 6142 daily views
  • 8/28/17 - 7208 daily views

Cumulative Views Milestones:

  • 8/28/17 - 2,910,164 views